Small House Plans

Our small, inexpensive house plans are perfect for anyone on a tight budget who wish to design the home of their dreams. This collection will point you in the right path if you’re looking for an affordable way to build your home and want to maximize your available square footage.

These homes are exquisitely made with innovation in mind, with space-saving features and basic conveniences. We offer a variety of tiny house floor plans online, but our custom home design service also allows you to come up with your own special small house plans.


Our Collection Of Affordable Small Home Plans

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Benefits of Building a Small House: Why Going Small Makes Sense?

  • More Affordable to Build

  • Cheaper to Design

  • Faster build time

  • Less waste

  • Higher Quality

  • Live in a Better Location

  • More Unique

  • Less Furniture Needed

  • Cheaper to Run

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Less Maintenance

  • Less Cleaning

Building small can help you save a significant amount of money and determine whether you can build the home of your dreams or not.